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Target Group: Corporations eager to strengthen their foundations through the implementation of conscious principles. 

Content: During this consulting program, a selection of your management, employees and optionally other stakeholders will be asked to fill out questionnaires. Some of them will be interviewed. Along with additional information from company research and on-site observations, we will present the status quo and a detailed roadmap. The status quo describes what goes well and where improvements can be made. The roadmap details out which principles can easily be implemented and will bring immediate effect (low hanging fruit) and which principles need a higher investment but will result in major improvements.

Format: Questionnaires, interviews and presentation

Languages: English, French, German  or Dutch.

Duration: 2-3 Months

Result: Analysis of status quo and detailed roadmap towards the next level of consciousness. Depending on the requirements, one of more of the following objectives should be attained with the implementation of the roadmap: More Resilience in Times of Crises, Higher Profitability, Higher Employee Productivity, Less Absenteeism, Less Logged Sickness, Higher Revenue, Better Community Involvement, More Conscientious Waste Disposal, etc.

Price: Upon request; depends largely on number of employees and number of culturally different locations.